Private View

It was a great night, and it was exciting to have my friends and family come and view my work. It was nice to see people looking and chatting about my work.

My mum actually talked about how the bright colours and boy’s face in my painting gave a sense of hope, which I actually wanted to portray through the work.

I honestly felt that this exhibition was the best I have been part of so far – everyone’s work was amazing! My father thought that the work was at a high enough level to be the same as professional artists!

Thank you for a great year. 

FMP Exhibition Instillation 

Luckily, I got some help from my friends to help instal my work on the wall spaces I had been alicated.

First I had to decide whether to mount the two pieces one above the other, or on separate walls beside each other.

Having asked a few of my fellow students what they thought looked best, we came to the conclusion that the two pieces should be on the seperate walls. 

I thought they looked better this way because they link by the theme, but are separate – one’s of a child in South Sudan, the other Trump in America. 

When it came to actually mounting the pieces – I got help from Pheobe, Yara and Mihaila. We took measurements with the tape, and worked out the middle where I wanted to place it. I also used Myfanwy’s eye level as a guide for the height I hung these pieces. I used a spirit level to make sure the pieces were straight – and when I couldn’t find one, I downloaded a spirit level app in my phone: ‘SpiritLevel’. That’s how I dealt with the problem!

Here’s some photos of the process:

FMP – It’s Final


Above is the finished product of this project. Two, very long and fairly large Acrylic paintings (+ a few text newspaper cuttings). The top one is of Trump, and he is eating, which contrasts with the  malnourishment of the people in the below picture. The below picture is of a scene in South Sudan, where over 5.1 million people are in need of aid, and 4.8 million are facing hunger. (

I really like the colours in the bottom one, it gives a sense of hope – rather than being depressing. The trump piece is quite sinister, with his shady cap and red tones. The phrase ‘Make America Great Again’ has been made popular by this politician, however, I feel (and many others do too) that he is doing the opposite. Trump is going to cut foreign aid, despite the fact America had been the leading participant in giving money for this cause. (

I believe this does show the reality that Politicians do not involve themselves with helping humanitarian crisis. There is a lack of portrayal of crisises like these in the newspaper, as the media makes way for more important things such as celebrity culture. The neglecting of crisis, and in this case famine crisis, is sad – and I wish to shed light on this issue.

Homebase trip and FMP Development


I had a fairly big ordeal sorting out the boards that I had bought for my FMP (to paint onto).

In Homebase I got two large (longer in height than in width) pieces of board. I was worried they would not take the paint well as the texture of the surface was waxy. However, I did later trial white paint onto the board and it worked well – though I do need to apply it thickly. When I got them at the shop, they were quite heavy, though being quite thin – so I ordered a mini bus taxi (as they were too big to fit in a usual four seater) and waited for it to arrive. Whilst waiting, I drew some sketched of the orientation of the boards, and which combinations I liked best. After waiting half an hour, I carried the boards on two separate buses, and managed to transport them up the stairs of the Richard Hamilton building with the help of Amy.

I have also gotten ill, and visited the Oxford Brookes Medical Centre to discover that I have a high fever and virus. I still believe I can finish my FMP to the deadline, and therefore do not wish to as for Mitigating Circumstances.

Peer Tutoring – Help from Chris

When I mentioned what I was doing to Chris during a Lecture, he encouraged me to come and visit him in his studio as he had previously worked with using newspaper in his A-Level, and thought it could be inspirational.

He showed me his A2 work ‘Newspaper Project poetry’ – using Daily Mail headlines, and I was inspired by the use of text in it. He encouraged me to look up some work (pictured below) and lent me a book: Tom Phillips, ‘Humument’

Below are some photos of the pages I enjoyed most out of the book he leant me:


Strong and Stable LeaderCHIP – Trial


This is the collaged newspaper painting I mentioned in the previous blog. For this large scale trial, I cut out articles and headlines that were political, making sure not to get any imagery as I wanted the background to be plain. I then arranged them on an A1 sheet and glued them down. Next I sketched out teresa may with a sharpie (so it would show up) and painted on top using acrylic paint.

I saw a photo of May in the Newspaper that I found particularly amusing, and topical as it depicts her recent visit to Cornwall. Her face is humorous due to the spontaneous nature of the picture. She was eating chips, and unsuspecting of the photographer.


When I presented it in a Fine Art Meeting, I heard the following:

‘I don’t see strong and stable in there’ (jokingly)

‘definitely topical’

I like the piece, and enjoyed working big – so taking I will be taking aspects of that forward into my FMP.

Tutorial with Tutor

I had another tutorial with Myfanwy, and here’s a few things we discussed:

  • I need to practice working large
  • Did the head Isis figure die? Need to look this up online
  • Should do 2/3 Idea Development sheets
  • Print large? Talk to Ruth (Print technician) about printing
  • Newspaper collage and work on top
  • Sort out course folder
  • Mixed Media

Problem Solving:

I actually intended to Print large and get in contact with Ruth, however the large printer stopped working. So, instead I used collaged newspaper articles as a background for a piece. I liked the effect it had, but still felt it was quite busy with so much text and the painting.